Folklórní soubor Písečan

Písek Festival

India, Slovakia, Mexico, Taiwan, Poland or Germany These are only some of the countries of origin of the folklore groups performing at the International Folklore Festival in Písek every end of August. The South Bohemian city of Písek has been hosting this traditional cultural event for over twenty years.

The International Folklore Festival in Písek was founded by Milan Bečka, MD. Thanks to his enthusiasm and also to the energy of the forty members of our Písečan Group the event became one of the greatest folklore events in the Czech Republic. Every summer Písek becomes a place of this extraordinary cultural experience.

Groups from abroad and from all parts of the Czech Republic perform on stage and also in the streets. Spectators can meet with various cultures, folklore dances, customs and arts. Every year the organizers come up with novelties to improve the festival. The spectators from Písek grew fond of the International Folklore Festival and more than 3,000 come every year to watch.

The event is supported by the city of Písek, the South Bohemian Region and a number of sponsors to whom we would like to thank.